Automatic Installation

For the automatic Install:

1. Go to the 'Installation' menu.

2. Select "Automatic Installation" & click on the "Install Now" button.

3. It will open a pop-up. Choose the widgets to install.

Select Theme

By default, the published theme will be selected. You may choose any unpublished theme where you want to install the APP.

Reviews Widget

Displays reviews & ratings on product pages.

Questions and Answers

Displays questions and answers on product pages.

Star Rating To Products (Normally Under the Title)

Display star rating to products on the Homepage, collections, product pages, etc.

Note: If your theme doesn't support any widget for the Automatic Install you will get the option of Manual Install & instructions for the installation of that widget. If you would like to display the widgets somewhere else ie. in tabs. etc. then please follow the Manual Installation or Request us for Installation.